Rosie Mankato is a brazilian producer, singer and songwriter. While secluded into the woods, Rosie experiments with organic and electronic sounds. It's a lot like if Justin Vernon and Bjork had a baby girl who records her own stuff. Distinctive and unique, her music serves the weirdos, as she doesn't conform to stereotypes. Her voice, often described as exotic and mellow, perfectly match the wistful - but yet energetic - mood of her songs.


"Palomino", the upcoming EP, gives us a taste of "old cartoons and things we cannot change".


Hey internet person, Rosie here! Biographies can be quite boring sometimes, so I came up with a few cool facts to get you to know me a little better.


- I'm graduated in Luthiery. That means I build my own electric guitars and basses from scratch. That way I can get specific tones in my recordings. I love getting crafty.


- I got into music in a very young age. When I turned 11, I was invited to perform in a school talent show for like 500 people. My nerves got the best of me and the show was a massive disaster - my knees and voice were shaking the house down. From that day forward, people would always pick on me and I got a reputation for having a "boy voice".


- I've learned to embrace that voice and make the best of it.


- I lived in Wisconsin for a while. I have deep roots in country music.


- I produce and record most of my songs.


- I have a "day job" composing soundtracks.


- I'm obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race.


- My favorite Disney movie is "Sleeping Beauty" and my favorite video game is Nintendo's "Sunset Rider".


- We've been living in a dark, dark political moment. I believe that every time people feed into hatred and polarization of any kind we all loose. I have definitely futuristic, libertarian and humanistic views.


- Feel free to say hi anytime :)



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Photo by Raysa Fontana